Ghost Fire Guitar Pedal Board Aluminum Alloy 2.75lb Effect Pedalboard

Ghost Fire Guitar Pedal Board Aluminum Alloy 2.75lb Effect Pedalboard


• 【Product Specifications】 The weight of the effects pedal board is only 2.7 lbs, with dimensions of 16.9″ x 12″, and can accommodate 8-10 effects pedals. It comes with a large number of zip ties, foot pads, Velcro, and a power supply mounting bracket.
• 【Durable and Wear-resistant】 The Ghost Fire V series effects pedal board is made of aerospace-grade high-density aluminum alloy, with precise welding technology, making it lightweight, sturdy, and durable. Additionally, the surface is treated with a matte finish, enhancing the overall quality of the effects pedal board.
• 【Ergonomic Design】 One end of the pedal board is raised to create a perfect angle, making it easier to step on the pedals. In addition, foot pads are welded on all four corners, providing protection for the pedal board and increasing friction, making it less likely to move and ensuring higher stability during use.
• 【Reserved Power Cable Holes】 The V-Standard series pedal board has two power cable holes on the front, compatible with the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power supply. The included screws can be used to secure the power supply. Other power supplies can be fixed with Velcro. This reduces the hassle of cable management and creates a neater and more aesthetically pleasing setup.
• 【Extra Thick and High-Quality Storage Bag】 The outer layer is made of high-strength waterproof and wear-resistant Oxford fabric, the inner cover is made of crystal velvet fabric, and the side and bottom are filled with 2cm thick sponge. This not only enhances the overall aesthetics but also provides better protection for the pedal board. Under non-human damage, this pedal board storage bag can be used for a lifetime.

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